Digestive Narratives. María Alcaide 

Dreaming in Loops. Elisa Pardo Puch

A Frail Monstrosity. Álvaro García

An Icon of Methamorphosis. Gabriel Siams
An Entanglement of Latex and Polyester Flowers.
Maya Pita-Romero

Cuteness in Perversity. Carmen Barrueco

A Balmy Touch. Hannah Archambault

Love Letter to the Unknown in Colour. Raquel Espadinha

Arrows to the Wind. João Motta Guedes

A Catching Generosity. Constanza Huerta de Soto

What Was, What Is and What Could Be. Madalena Anjos

Dear Bed, Dear Suitcase. Camille Gamero-Troung

What does a monster look like in a bikini?
Lisette van Hoogenhuyze

As Time Goes By. Monica Coelho

Back to Basics. Carlos Cañadas

Hands in the Mud. Ignacio González Olmedo and Juanjo Aguilar Orellana

RATO AO SOL is a Luso-Spanish platform for the emerging arts, founded by curators Francisca Portugal and Whataboutvic.


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